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IPAY Showcase 2021

📅 When:

Where: Philadelphia, PA, USA

💼 Organizer: International Performing Arts for Youth

💲 Application Fee: $250.00 USD
$200.00 for International Performing Arts for Youth Members

Deadline: (11:59 pm ET)

Contact Info


Sam Tower


1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320, C/O Cultureworks
Philadelphia, PA
United States 19107



THE IPAY MISSION is to create professional and educational opportunities for key stakeholders in North America (artists, agents and presenters) and to engage support of meaningful performing arts experiences for young audiences.

OUR VISION is a world in which artistic excellence and innovation in performing arts for young audiences are nurtured, supported and expanded.

SHOWCASE is IPAY's annual conference, serving our international membership and promoting global dialogues within the youth arts sector at large. Featuring a rigorously selected roster of up to 14 full length Showcases and 14 Show & Tell Spotlights performance excerpts, Showcase highlights tour ready performances for young audiences from North America and around the world. IPAY Showcase is one of the only juried performing arts platforms specific to young audiences presenting fully produced shows available for booking, alongside valuable professional development programming.

The four-day conference attracts nearly 500 presenters, artists and agents focused on youth programming each year from throughout North America and the globe.

Conference Overview

IPAY is thrilled to host our 43rd Showcase in Philadelphia, PA, USA in January 2021. Showcase will take place between January 19th and 23rd, 2021.

IPAY Showcase is an opportunity for presenters to see juried Showcase performances by outstanding national and international performing artists. A wide variety of performances are selected to highlight the many possibilities for young audiences.

IPAY Showcase is an opportunity for artists to perform, exhibit, and develop their work for an audience of presenters who book shows specifically for young people and their families.

IPAY Showcase is an opportunity for agents and managers who represent companies and artists that perform work for young people. Showcase features dedicated exhibit hall time that serves as a marketplace to discuss, network, and book the work.

IPAY Showcase is an opportunity for students working toward a university degree to network with the premier professionals in the performing arts for youth field and to learn about important issues and initiatives in our professional development.

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Showcase Provisions

Please be available to load-in and/or perform in Philadelphia, PA, USA between Tuesday, January 19 to Saturday, January 23, 2021.

The production for which you are applying must be completed by the date of your application.

All productions selected to Showcase must be performed in English. All applications must be submitted in English.

If you are selected to Showcase or Spotlight, the company or the company's agent or manager must have an exhibit booth in the exhibition hall at Showcase, which is an additional cost.

If you are an agent or manager submitting this application on behalf of an artist and a full showcase is offered, IPAY must have direct contact with the producing company as well as the agent.


Early Bird Deadline
The Early Bird Deadline is 11:59pm EST, MARCH 31, 2020. To receive the early bird rate, payment must be received by 11:59pm EST, MARCH 31, 2020. Support materials can continue to be uploaded after MARCH 31 and are due no later than 11:59pm EST, APRIL 30, 2020. Support materials will only be accepted online.

Final Deadline
The Final Deadline for receipt of this application, all support materials, and application fees is 11:59pm EST, APRIL 30, 2020.

Application Fees
Application Fee is $250.
IPAY Members receive a $50 discount.
Early Bird Application discount is $25 (due 11:59pm EST March 31, 2020.)

All application payments are non-refundable.


You are applying for a full-length showcase and agreeing to cover the costs this may incur (beyond the standard light plot, load-in and load out covered by IPAY).

IPAY does not pay a fee to selected Showcase or Spotlight Artists/Companies.

For artists, Showcase is an investment in a marketing opportunity to sell work that is ready to tour. Artists are not paid for their performances by IPAY. IPAY provides the venue and a portion of the production costs. It is up to each artist to secure funding from their company, government, arts council, and constituents to attend (including travel, freight, per diems, accommodations, visas, artist fees, etc.) and to pay for production costs beyond the IPAY provision. It is also up to each company to apply for and arrange the appropriate VISA for the company and/or company members to attend Showcase.

Companies are responsible for transportation to, from, or within Philadelphia, to their designated venue, accommodations and per diem while in Philadelphia or en route for artistic, technical, and representative's personnel; as well as production or display materials, transportation or storage of freight, and visas if applicable.

Performance and technical schedules will be determined after selection, upon review of technical riders by IPAY Production Manager and Executive Director.

IPAY works to meet the needs of all companies but may not be able to accommodate all the requirements in your standard rider. Please note that Showcase is a festival setting and you may be required to condense your regular load-in and technical schedule in addition to working within a general house light plot.

IPAY covers up to a 4 hour load-in based on the technical rider provided with the application. Within this 4 hour load-in we can focus lights and color but cannot make lighting changes to the general house light plot. IPAY will also provide run crew for the show call and a 1 hour load-out. If additional time, labor and/or equipment is requested by Showcase Companies, and can be accommodated within the schedule determined by IPAY, Showcase Companies will be charged for any additional costs. Showcase Companies will be responsible for production expenses which include but are not limited to charges for additional technical labor, back line gear, equipment rental, pyrotechnic permits, etc. International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY) and/or the Philadelphia venues assume no financial responsibility for costs incurred by artistic companies other than specified above.

If you are selected for a full Showcase every effort will be made to showcase your work in a venue best suited to the work of art. The venues will be scheduled to best meet the needs of showcasing many works within a condensed period of time. If your work of art is a small capacity show (accommodating approximately 250 or less), you may need to perform your show between two to four times so that all delegates have an opportunity to experience your Showcase. The schedule, venue selection, and number of times each work of art if performed will be at IPAY's discretion.

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Showcase Criteria

When making final selections, the Showcase Selection Committee has agreed upon the following criteria for assessing applications:

  • High degree of artistry within the genre and specific to intended age group, as well as success in communicating to and engaging with young audiences/families.
  • The work demonstrates an overall artistic rationale with regard to form, direction, music, choreography, design, technical aspects and casting.
  • The work is created and performed by professionals.
  • The work is fresh, innovative, relevant, reflective of our communities, and appropriate for youth, young adult and family audiences.
  • Consideration of tourability and marketability; and educational merit.
  • Overall balance within all work selected to accommodate diversity in age range, genre, scale (audience capacity), and geographic point of origin.

Keep in mind this is a subjective and dynamic process. Each year is very different based on the pool of applications received and the makeup of the selection committee. Regardless, the overarching criterion is that of quality and an overall balance of work represented (balancing target age range; genre; scale of production or intended audience capacity; etc) as well as considering tourability, marketability, diversity in all its forms, educational merit, cost, etc.

Artists/companies that make it to the final round of Selection, but are not selected for Showcases will be considered to perform a SHOW & TELL Spotlight. SHOW & TELL Spotlights provide additional opportunities for artists to have their work seen at Showcase, and are chosen as part of the Selection Committee’s review of all applications. If you would like to be considered for a Spotlight, you must indicate that on your application. SHOW & TELL Spotlights include a mix of 20-minute live SHOW Spotlights (low-tech excerpts) and 5-8-minute TELL Spotlights (descriptions of work). All Spotlighting artists must have representation in the Exhibit Hall.

For more information about the selection process please see the IPAY website: IPAY Selection Process.

For full Selection Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions, please refer to the FAQ page on the IPAY website: Selection FAQ.

The following support materials are required: two high resolution photos suitable for printing, a biography, a touring itinerary, and a technical rider (option to upload as one file or in three separate files; stage, lights/video, and sound.) If selected, the photos provided will be used by IPAY for all promotional purposes.

Your Files
In addition to the required files, we recommend providing other support materials such as letters of reference, scripts, etc. which you can upload via the Supplementary File (under Additional Information) or within the EPK (electronic press kit)/One-Sheet option (under Promotional Files).

Your Videos
A full length high-quality video of the complete piece is highly encouraged. This is the strongest way to present your work, as a full-length video is the best way for the committee to evaluate your production.

A member of the committee will view video of the entire work prior to the selection committee meeting. You must submit video of the actual touring show that is intended to Showcase. In addition, be sure your materials reflect the actual number of touring performers. At a minimum, you are required to submit a 5 minute video segment that best represents your production. You can also provide specific timestamps as recommendations for the committee to view.

IPAY accepts YouTube or Vimeo links. Please set the link to PUBLIC, or provide a password in your application.

Video is used for adjudication purposes only and will not be used for promotional use unless otherwise agreed upon with you. The Selection Committee meets in Philadelphia, between June 8-10, 2020. Artist/companies that have been selected to Showcase will be notified in the middle of July, 2020. Alternate and Spotlight artists will be contacted at a later date.

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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully. Submission of this form constitutes acceptance and acknowledgement of the following Terms & Conditions of applying for and/or accepting a juried showcase slot.

  1. Applications will not be considered for Showcase unless application, required support materials, and application fees are complete and all submitted by the deadline.
  2. Applications will only be accepted for work that is ready to tour as of application date.
  3. The Showcase Performance Application will be reviewed by a Selection Committee made up of IPAY Members. The Committee's decision is final.
  4. The scheduling of Showcases is determined by IPAY. Be prepared to load-in/perform in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA from Tuesday, January 19 - Saturday, January 23, 2021.
  5. The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you are selected to Showcase, the company or the company's agent or manager must have an exhibit booth in the exhibit hall at Showcase, which is an additional cost.
  6. Selected Showcase Performance Applicants will be required to enter into a contractual agreement with IPAY. Failure to complete and return all required contracts, administrative paperwork, and phone calls to IPAY in a timely manner may result in forfeiture of Showcase time slot. This includes but is not limited to: letter of agreement, program copy, biographies, photos, technical info, as well as payment of agreed upon additional technical fees and production expenses.
  7. The person submitting this application is an authorized representative of the company/artist for whom the application is being made. By submitting this application, the individual assumes all responsibilities and liabilities for the fees as outlined in this application, including, but not limited to the timely payment of all fees and the guarantee of funds to cover the registration deposits and fees.
  8. The representative submitting this application also assumes all responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein and indicates that all statements, facts, and figures are complete and accurate. Failure to provide complete and accurate information may result in the voiding of the application, prevention from participation, and retention of all fees collected by IPAY.
  9. This application does not represent a commitment by IPAY to Showcase the applicant. However, if selected, Artist will Showcase the performance that was stated in the application.

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